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#1 To not fail English 1B, which I have been doing well on, except the last exam.... and in addition, for my LD film to be good, great, and impactful for God's glory.

#2 I cannot find the Centaurgirl pages I drew last year, I want to recolor most if not all of them for the polished/extra-paged special edition for this summer. I hope I can find where I put them.

#3 This country obviously. While God has set up a good king and a new era of healing has come, a lot of opposing forces don't want that to happen.
This morning I got my Flightman book published on Amazon Kindle…

This is (minor yet still) an accomplishment for the characters and branding! I hope to do the same for my "Boats" book, a special-edition of "Centaurgirl #1" and the coming "Green Titan' relaunch.
For those of you who follow me, what are... is your opinion, or opinions... on Papravim Arts? (which for newcomers is my comic department for my superhero or other super/fantasy/science characters). How is the entirety of it? The concepts, the stories, the characters? Has it improved over-time? What else can be done for it? Could it rival DC Comics & Marvel in the future?

For those curious, all the books can be read on my BrachioWay website (BrachioWay is my DIsney/DreamWorks like company)
Well, anything but recent films, shows, and games. Everything else is fine
Trying to make Jack a legend along with Bee Movie & LazyTown

Not really creative though :P
In no particular order..

LEGO by SonicClone

2 Orca in the Reef by SonicClone

3 Lighthouse Island by SonicClone

4 Toby and Mavis Sunset by SonicClone

5 Warm Winter Imagination by SonicClone

6 Princess Leia by SonicClone

7 The One Little Tree by SonicClone

8 Rain Above Green Poster by SonicClone

9 Red from Inner Workings by SonicClone

10 X-Men Apocaylspe by SonicClone

Honorable 2 Mentions LaH Duke Exeter by SonicClone Centaurgirl by SonicClone
I would do it myself, I may eventually, but there are a lot to choose from. So, if there are ten or at least five pictures from me that you like, even love, than feel free to tell me.

Or if you want burn me to a steak, torches and pitch-forks are in the 'add media" button.
My latest film, first to be based off one of my Papravim characters- also making this the final super.comic book based product of the year !

:iconrambojoe446: :iconnikkigamer: :iconmarylandsdrawing2525: :iconesmeamelia: & :iconmensjedezeemeermin: and :iconlegobyte: you might possibly enjoy this.
I'm board... ask something and I'll see if I can answer...  actually, I will.. maybe
While doing animation & English this semester, I am trying to balance out other matters.

There will be another Lego as Human LaH week, but with only 5 pictures... it will be a shorter week.

P.S/UPDATE Actually it will be seven, and delayed to mid October

Also, my student film will be based off one of my Papravim characters… MY LATEST COMIC! And third of this year along with Heoric Trio… and Centaurgirl #1…

Be sure to read the cracky first one from two years ago…… Centaurgirl, my new all-age/kid-friendly superhero related comic book
So everyone, what do you think of my fourth Lego as Human week half-way through?
 Which picture is your favorite (or favorites)?

What do you think I should do for the future?

Any negative aspects you wish to talk to me about?

Do you like PeanutButter and Ketchup sandwichs?
At the end of this month, you'll see more Lego characters get the organic treatment.

Previous pictures include

LaH The Infomaniac by SonicClone

LaH Skylor by SonicClone

LaH Johnny Thunder by SonicClone

LaH Hippie by SonicClone and much more.
My third college student movie

A lot of hard work went into this picture.

I also put a link in the notes of this poster I drew..
Rain Above Green Poster by SonicClone ..although everyone just favorited it at the first glance of it without even leaving a comment to acknowledge that they saw the linked video!

June 2015 was when me and my teacher forged this film together and it was accepted and shown at my college's showcase

Still a good first film :) I should make a special edition sometime soon (to correct some minor errors)