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Space Police by SonicClone
Space Police

…How much can I tell you that I really love this theme!?

In 2009, a video from New York Toy Fair showcased a new Lego space theme. “Space Police” (Or Space Police III) was a line of space-cop/crime sets where police officers tracked down illegal alie.. OH THAT DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT… LET ME FIX THAT…  Police officers trakced down intergalactic criminals, who happen to be… non-human.  Anyway, a series of stop-motion vlog-video brickfilms were released on (made by legoanimator David Pagano). The story is interesting, thrilling, and at times can be funny.  Plus, the stop-motion animation is beautiful (I was really hoping a theatrical Space-Police film would be made and released). The plot is the same as the line, but focus’ on the journal entries of one Officer (possibly the Captain). Here is the link to it,… you’ll really enjoy it! On a side-note, the theme/videos is like a sequel to the first two Space Police, which were sequel/spin-offs of Classic Space.

I remember having excitement for the line, and got the Squidman’s Escape set, which was used for a stop-motion video I did… . However sadly, as much as I loved this theme, I didn’t show support via purchase much…  in fact, two sets I regret getting instead of Space Police ones would be the Ambush in Cairo and a prince of Persia set; both only good for the PARTS that came in. I did get back into the theme in 2011.. AFTER IT WAS DISCONTIUNED! I bought the Space-Truck getaway and the K-9 miniset (K9..   why is everyone so lazy when it comes to naming robotic dogs!). I also had an idea for a live-action show based off the theme, which I drew this concept art of…

Even with all that crazy sad history, Space Police remains as one of it not my personal favorite Space/Galaxy lines in Lego history.  it is creative, cool, and takes space to a new level.

For the art, you can probably see Snake, Kranxx, Squidman, Frenzy, Slizer, and the Skull Twins.

Space Police – Lego

Art by :iconsonicclone: I’ll draw it because no one else will! 

Another Lego Centaur Cowgirl by SonicClone
Another Lego Centaur Cowgirl
A remake of my picture from last year…

I have an idea for this centauress. It would be cool if I coulod get Lego's permission to make a series of or one children's book, which would be a science-fantasy Wild West story/world with Greek Mythological creatures and other-inspired beings being the  inhabitants of it. 

As for her name... I have a few choices....
Rowena...  just anything wild western (that is NOT Jessie)

The Red Knight by SonicClone
The Red Knight

Santis, the Strong: or the Knight of the Bear (from LEGO Knights’ Kingdom)

Santis came from the Province of Orkosan. While he was renowned for his great strength, he was also a bit terrifying to everyone…  except for his three friends. While the quiet scruffy knight may not show it, he does care a lot for his friends, even putting his life on the line (like when he saved Jayko from a giant serpent).

During the Knights’ first adventure,  Santis passed the test of the Citadel of Orlan (where the mystical Heart of the Shield of Ages was kept) by break a border in two, releasing the draw-bridge. However, he didn’t intend for that, so he may not be the world’s greatest genius: but he is anything but a brainless giant.

As for the art, I really love it. \

Art by :iconsonicclone:

Check out my new group :iconland-of-morcia: 

Legion of Lego Villains by SonicClone
Legion of Lego Villains
A tribute to the multitude of villains, baddies, and dastardly criminals to have ever walked the studs of our set-boxes.  Apologizes in advanced for those who didn't appear

Ogel (Alpha Team)
Makuta (Bionicle)
Vladek (Knights' Kingdom II)
Baron Typhonus/The Darkitect (LEGO Universe, don;t forget the Maelstrom)
Willa the Witch (Fright Knights)
The Brickster (Lego Island))
Iron Drone (Exo-Force)
Brickbeard (Pirates)
Claw-Dette (Agents)
Evil Purple Wizard (Spellbreaker 4D at Legoland) 
Overlord (NInjago)
Skeleton Warriors (Castle 2007)
 Space Villain (although of Collectible Mini-figures, he has the Blacktron logo on him, making him a BLACKTRON, former good guys and villains and Space Police I)
Cedric the Bull (Knights's Kingdom I)
Lord Sam Sinister/Baron von Baron (Adventurers)
Squidman (Space Police III)
Toxikita (Ultra Agents, okay she is actually somewhat of a victim...)
And a Tyrannous-Rex (Dino Attack)   

:iconlegoplz: Group 
You may already know that I operated the :iconbiblemanclub: & :iconjar-jar-binks-fans: (and use to fun :icondr-seuss-films:, but I left it). Now, I have a whole new group...  the :iconland-of-morcia:, dedciated to the fandom of LEGO Knights' Kingdom.


United States

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