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I'm going to be Bibleman for Comic-Con in San Diego. Not much to say about that...  I am still a bit... not over fully, angry comments from people. I stated that I didn't convert anyone to Christ in 2012. Of course, they totally mistook it for stalking. I would like to make firm that I am not forcing the Gossip down people's throats, in real life and especially not on DeviantART. Two comments agreed that they didn't like Bibleman.... They can dislike Bibleman freely. But if they are mad at me for dressing up as him and drawing art, that would then mean.... I don;t know, they're not happy with my free rights? That, and the common sense there seems lacking. I didn't bug them to watch me, they found me. Plus, I have the free right to draw & post whatever. If no one likes some of the subjects I draw, they can just ignore the picture. Anyway, whatever you believe, I won't infringe on your right. And also, thanks for being pleasant on here. Hopefully this wouldn't be taken the wrong way or misunderstood. 

I want to address my thoughts for "The Lego Movie 2". I have recently wondered about the possibility that the original character won't return, and that it would focus on new characters. A picture I posted was met with distasteful response to the idea. It's alright, but I do have a good reason to believe that fact. Without spoiling much, the story for Lego Movie protagonist "Emmet" kind of ended, it's complete, even with whatever developments you can think of, it's probably best to have that chapter be a closed book. And before you mention the ending, let me explain...  THAT THERE IS REALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO WITH THAT! It's just like when The Underminer came.... sigh. But rather it be new or old, I just have one hope...  Besides a rivalry between Johnny Thunder & Jar Jar Binks as central characters, ... BATMAN SHOULD NOOOOOOOOOOOT RETURN! Batman is overrated as it is, seemed out-of-place as a main character in the movie, and was only there because Warner Bros was being dictatorous over the project. However, as annoying as he was...  Batman had funny moments, and it was nice for my little brother to see him on the big screen (since Warner won't make PG family Batman films... THAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAANKZ NOLAN!). However, he needs to GO! Besides, he'll be in a lot of DCCU films and have cameos/mentions in other films, so he'll be more over-exposed than he already is. So if ANYONE from Warner Bros Animation is by chance reading this, PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE take this into consideration. Just don't bring Batman back! DON'T! He's dated already, DATED & ANNOYING! And BOOOOOOR-OOOOR-OOOOOR-RING now. Sorry Will Arnett....   Also, since director Chris McKay wants more female characters, would a new cast have the protagonist and antagonist be girls? Of course, he said he desired for "Strong" ones, and I don't think a "Lego Movie" movie would work with one (a strong lead character). 

Also... saddly... I may no longer take open request from people. 

Hmmmm...  do you feel like you aren't accomplishing much? 
 And check out my recent work/current front-page display.

Oh, and I am looking for a new admin for :icondr-seuss-films: , since I want to leave it... 


United States

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