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Rapunzel Sitting by SonicClone
Rapunzel Sitting
The Disney Princess from Tangled (2010) sitting down upon a tree stump.  

Tangled is owned by The Walt Disney Company 
Bibleman: Conquering the Wrath of Rage by SonicClone
Bibleman: Conquering the Wrath of Rage

Although I have been posting pictures in celebrating for Bibleman’s 20th anniversary, I have done little to dedicate anything to the 15th anniversaries of the episodes released in 2000. So, here is another episode-poster, this time for The Bibleman Adventure story “Conquering the Wrath of Rage”.

In the episode, Miles Peterson/Bibleman (Willie Aames) is struggling with the departure of Coats (who left because...   they give us no reasons…), which causes his anger to get in the way of his work and his relationship with his new sidekick Cypher (Bradly Williams). When the two receive a call from a desperate Grandmother about her grandson Jordon (who lost both his parents in a car accident some time ago), the Evangelistic Duo set out to calm down his attitude. However, the Bible pair soon discover that Bibleman’s arch-nemesis (Brian Lemmons), in the form of El Furioso, plans not only to use golden-furydust on Jordan and Bibleman, but also the entire world itself: leaving nothing but total chaos.

The story is well-written, with great dialog, suspenseful action, excellent humor, and well-handled moral that doesn’t talk down to kids and is mature without going over the line. 

Bibleman - Pamplin (check out more art in the :iconbiblemanclub:

Art by :iconsonicclone: I'll draw it because no one else will. 

Pippin Reed by SonicClone
Pippin Reed
A main character from LEGO Adventurers (aka The Johnny Thunder Series), a strong willed but short-tempered photographer for the newspaper World Magazine 

I did this since there isn;t enough art for her. Plus, it's also an image to use if anyone makes a JohnnyPippin AMVV
With LEGO As Human: Week 2 coming to end, I would like to know- which of the eight pictures done for it was your favorite, what you liked about it, what could have been done to improve it, and also..  to be fair, which of them did you absolutely HATE! I mean, your least favorite? 

#1 Sky Lane LaH Sky Lane by SonicClone

#2 Junkbot LaM Junkbot by SonicClone 

#3 Blue Spaceman LaH Blue Spaceman by SonicClone

#4 Skylor LaH Skylor by SonicClone 

#5 Kopaka  LaH Kopaka by SonicClone

#6 Snake LaH Snake by SonicClone

#7-1 Princess Storm LaH Princess Storm by SonicClone 

#7-2/8  Hippie LaH Hippie by SonicClone

And again, would you like to see another week of this? Or should I do it regularly unless you think it is more special as a week one in a while? 


United States

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