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Harley Quinn by SonicClone
Harley Quinn
A redesign of the ORIGINAL version of the Batman Anti-Hero or Villain's-Sidekick, Harley Quinn: as a response of the current and recent versions of her that look more like Lollipop -Chainsaw rejects.

The character was done traditionally. As I have stated, the suit it the original harlequin suit that is red & black, with the hair being purple since The Joker also has an unusual hue-hair. The digital background was inspired by the Shcumacher Batman films.

DC Entertainment.  
Bibleman and the Gossip Queen by SonicClone
Bibleman and the Gossip Queen
For some reason I have not felt motivation to draw Bibleman fan art, especially with no idea what to do.....  However, I managed to forge this up. 

In the 1996 Bibleman Show episode "Silencing the Gossip Queen", a villainous witch tries to dissolve a musical youth group by spreading false information that causes each of the kids to be upset with each other. The Gossip Queen was portrayed by Maylo Upton, Willie Aames (Bibleman)'s then wife and later voices of the computers in the show.

Art by :iconsonicclone: with more in the :iconbiblemanclub: 
Johnny and Pippin: MiniFigures and Real by SonicClone
Johnny and Pippin: MiniFigures and Real
Ship/Romance/Couple fan art of Johnny Thunder & Pippin Reed from LEGO Adventurers, inspired by a piece by :icondstevensart: of another Lego couple. 
A Sheriff and His Steed by SonicClone
A Sheriff and His Steed
I was reminded by a follower to draw fana rt for the 1996 Lego Wild West theme, marking the 20th anniversary of it.

Here is Sheriff Wild Wyatt Wst (or Skymore in LEGO's home country of Denmark) and his faithful white horse. The two appear in the story mode for 1998's PC game LEGO Chess,  which I have great memories of playing (the opening of it also reappears and is redone in 1999's LEGOLAND). I also got the 6755 set Sheriff's Lock-Up which had the figure and three other ones. Sigh... I miss the olden days.

 I am pleased with how the artwork came out...  except for the Horse' head. I tried to give him an angle view but it just looks like his head is sideways and there is a white snow-tortaro creature in the background. 

My new comic and picture book
A Heroic Trio Cover by SonicClone 


United States

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