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Pink Elephants on Parade by SonicClone
Pink Elephants on Parade
During childhood, there are a lot of "What-the-flip?" moments that accrue. For a lot of us, specially the Disney VHS generation, one of the most craziest and controversial sights were The Pink Elephants from 1941's Dumbo. 
This moment is known for two matters, frightening so many young children, even to this day, and... coming out of nowhere. However, I never was really afraid of these technicolor pachyderms. I did think the elephant-headed-limb walker thing may have looked scary, but overall, I was never bothered by this scene. In fact, I actually enjoyed this unnatural circus-ride. It isn't expected, the song is fun, and everything after the "scar" part is really pointless slowness. Then when all has been jazzed up, it BURST into an uncontrollable snap, and then BOOOOOOOOOOM! All because Dumbo & Timothy got drunk... which is the third factor it is controversial for. But remember kids, this is why we do not drink alcohol.
As a child (who knew drugs were bad...  although not aware of how messed up a person can be after taking them), I never questioned this scene...   until recently, with being informed and realzing that the moment contributed nothing to the story (well, maybe it did, but not in a positive way). It marched in for some reason, did some s... snot, and left! And what makes it crazier, is that the characters never bring it up again...  okay, Timothy groaned over the event. This is what the Internet labels a "Big Lipped Alligator Moment". 
Scenes like this (and the Heffalumps and Woozles) are so fun and psychedelically wild: I am kind of sad the modern cinema doesn't do these weird acid trips anymore. I mean, they were not just off, but also... creative. 
I really really like how my illustration turned out. It's wild, high, and...  well, to state the obvious, PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!  
God Wants Me to Forgive Them? by SonicClone
God Wants Me to Forgive Them?
Happy 20th Anniversary to the SECOND VeggieTales episode/video (1994), with great segments like "The Grapes of Wrath", "Larry's Lagoon", and the wild short infomercial of "The Forgive-O-Matic"... which is also infamous as well.

Big idea
Art by me. 
Bibleman, Cyclops, and Robin by SonicClone
Bibleman, Cyclops, and Robin
Three live-action superheroes or superhero related subjects I like.

Bibleman/Miles Peterson (Willie Aames) from The Bibleman Show & The Bibleman Adventure. (formerly Pamplin Entertainment) 
Robin/Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) from the 1960s Batman TV Series and it;s 1966 movie. (20th Century Fox, characters owned by Warner Bros- based off characters from DC Comics)
Cyclops/Scott Summers (James Marsden) from The X-Men films. (20th Century Fox, based off Marvel Comics, property of WaltDisney-co)
That's a unique painting there by SonicClone
That's a unique painting there
This is the pallet paper I used to put my paints on when painting in my design class. For some reason, it evolved into this...  very.... interesting...  abstract, painting.  Yeah... that is all I got....  
Lego, Warner Bros, Lego batman, and Paranoia by SonicClone
Lego, Warner Bros, Lego batman, and Paranoia

Where…  do I….   begin? …  Batman…,   yes…  NO! Well…   you see, it was recently another that a LEGO Batman feature theatrically released movie would hit theaters in 2017 (the sahem year as The Lego Movie 2…  Oh, nope..  the sequel was pushed to 2018). ..  …  Do you know how much this bricks me off? It is bad enough that Batman is now Boreman because of how overexposed, praised, and… well, how overpraised and used he is…  But also, that Warner is exploiting their film deal with the Lego Company to give their cash-bat a LEGO film that he does NOT need. Bricks, he doesn’t need any more publicity to begin with. Batman is a licensed character, not an original lego creation.  He and anyone else are alright to appear in a movie like “The Lego Movie”, but having his own theatrical flick in theatres is out of place. If any lego brand based off a popular franchise should be one based off is Star Wars, since that was the FIRST licensed line and helped save the company.  Besides, Batman had a lego movie direct-to-dvd… well..  it was just scenes from the second video game put together because WB was desperate to market the dark knight off.  Back to subject, characters like Johnny Thunder and co should be the ones having movies… oh wait, I forgot that everyone forgot about them.  sigh. …   this move could also be because of Batman’s positive reception in The Lego Movie. I was upset that he was chosen to be a main character, and for that reason worried before the film came out, and even didn’t like him still although the movie was good (aka. WORST CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE). Of course, I cannot change that. However, he had some funny parts, and my little brother got to see Batman on the big screen since Warner and Hollywood only want to make live-action superhero films PG-13 and R along with not be funny and more moody than Final Fantasy characterz now.   Still, that was enough… Batman had his Lego screen glory in the movie, he doesn’t need more. Bricks, The Lego Movie’s story was completed, so the sequel should about another character and his or her “set’ (no pun intended) of friends: a theory I have discussed already in the past. (And about my brother, I will say that this personally is frustrating because he is a big Batman fan, and looks up to me as Robin. That, and my best friend became a lover via those terrible Nolan films, and a recent friend and college of mine has liked the character his whole life.. Although he is very understanding).  Not, to mention, that (even with the exception of other people sick of Batman) a lot of audiences’ and people seem to be sooooooooo forgiving of this, without any thought outside of the norm (hmmmmm Everything is Awesome, perhaps?) Speaking of Robin, Warner Bros seems to really dislike the dude… like, his last appearance in Cinema was back in 1990-freaking-SEVEN (although 2016 may change that…  maybe), and the fact that there is no need for Robin recently (especially in Lego), and that, that Teen Titans… bad Teen Titans parody…makes him look bad. But, it could be worse..,.  way worse…  (whispers…  WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE THINGEver). Since I have made myself very clear about how overrated and overpublicized Batman is (except, maybe I have not said much of how cowardly WB/DC is on using him instead of taking risks and showcasing another hero, heck Batman is in every direct-to-video movie recently for some reason…), I will monolog about another matter. I have stated that I was afraid that Warner Bros would trick and trap The Lego Group into becoming their property (it would be a better alternative than Disney, but I rather see none buy them out). As of now, I am pleased with what Warner is going to do with The Lego Group, and am in fear of what could happen… especially how the licensed brands (even the NON-Warner one) are currently more popular than the actual original creations and characters of Lego (except Ninjago and the overrated Lego Movie, which I do like as a kid-at-heart, do not get me wrong), but that is a given, since the new brands have been… forgettable.  But it is heartbreaking that the great heroes, villains, stories, average people, and events of the past have gone into oblivion. It is an important actual matter of life to ponder over, but some personal nostalgic parts of my life always seem to get butchered somehow, and it is the stuff of nightmares. For as long as I hope, I’’ll continue to boycott this move and hope that hope comes (I also forgot to mention that there are more Batman minifigures than that of Johnny, or JackStone). I really have issue with massive giants mannerlessly invading spaces they do not belong in nor own. 

Batman does NOT need a LEGO spin off solo theatrical movie. HECK Bricks, he doesn't even need anymore LEGO related products or exposer. Batman is overused, voerrated, and not is anything but interesting. And "Batman is realistic so he is relatable" doesn't hold any water... I am not a toaster, but I can still relate to a toaster, even though I am not one. Anyway, I dislike how Warner Bros is exploiting it's deals with LEGO, and trying to push Batman into the LEGO lore. Thankfully, some YouTube and social network comments lighten my darkness by saying that I am not alone in my thoughts. DC has other heroes, and LEGO has actual original work that should be made into movies (if any licenced theme should be a movie, it should be LEGO STAR WARS!). I'll continue to protest this film, and hope that it ends up being canned.  Still, I ponder about why almost everyone is defending it? Especially without thought 


United States

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