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A Christmas Jesus by SonicClone
A Christmas Jesus

Okay… the title isn’t the best, but  that doesn’t really matter… and No, he is not Santa Jesus… (and no one  bring up the NC Santa Christ joke…)

So yes, Jesus of Nazareth is in a red rope and Santa hat, holding a candy-cane cane and a baby reindeer.  Jesus Christ is the light of Christmas, and that is all I have to say.


Merry Christmas everyone, and Son of God Bless. 

A Jack Stone Christmas by SonicClone
A Jack Stone Christmas
This thought recently came to mind... out of nowhere. Some of you may remember the :iconlegoplz: Jack Stone VHS from 2001. it had a unique story (or a news talk with stories) and cool outdated CGI graphics.  Of course, I wonder why another one wasn't made... aside from the video tape being a one-time promotion.

I thought...  "What if Jack Stone had to help out Santa Claus?" ... With a story like that, surly you'd get a studload of BrickGyver tactics. Plus, Lego has never really put out a Christmas special or show episode in their history...   as far as I know, but I am sure it would've been more popular.  Another aspect would be that we may learn more about Jack Stone, and get to know him better.  Also, a 4+ Santa would've been great to see: in the short and as an actual minifigure. Oh, I just realized that hearing the Jack Stone Anthem with a holiday jingle would be wonderful to hear. 

I won't go into a rant, but this was another missed-opportunity that The Lego Group failed to think about when they had the chance to catch it...  now it is gone for good. Okay, Jack Stone could impossibly make a come-back. However, the old nostalgic computer-graphics and the oldness wouldn't be there.  I won't talk about the art, since no one reads descriptions and I would then be wasting time...

Can Do, Will Do...  and Merry Lego Christmas. 
Art by :iconsonicclone: I'll draw it because no one else will. 
Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the Snow by SonicClone
Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the Snow
Peanuts Christmas Art

Charles M. Schultz & estate. 
Art by me, no-profit. 
VeggieChristmas 2014 by SonicClone
VeggieChristmas 2014
Okay.. the title is both lame and dated. Despite that, I think this picture came out alright (and I didn't even use my Pencil-First method....). I won't go into descriptive detail, since you can see what and who is going on...  I mean what is going on, and who is there. 

VeggieTales - Big Idea

Merry Christmas and God Bless
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by SonicClone
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

(I saw the movie back in June, so sorry that I have not a proper review or drawing for it until now). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have been the subject I mixed to negative response. However, is it really just an underappreciated wonder, or should we listen to Jamison on this one?   

The Story:

The story is not bad, since it has conflict, mystery, and character development. Also, Questions are answered about  Peter’s parents Richard and Mary Parker, and their connection to Oscorp.  Of course, the problem everyone seems to have with this movie, are the love scenes… I think. I am more of a MJ/Peter fan than a Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy fan, but I am not fully bothered. Of course, my issues with the story… well… without spoiling anything, there were rumors and talk about the film being based off a popular issue in Spider-Man history. I was hoping that the movie would pull one on us, but… it’s hopeless… heck, a character gives a speech in the film that forshadows what will happen. That, and the uncomfortable feeling the movie gives with its emphasis on the dark and disturbing side of science (Of course, the theatre I was in, twice, was at freezing temperatures).   I will say though, that the ending was the best ending to any Spider-Man movie out there, and this is coming from someone with Sam Rami nostalgia. In fact, I believe that is a great way to end the Marc Web series: even if there are cliffhangers set up before that scene. I am not saying that a Sinister Six film would be bad, but… this was a good franchise ender. Plus, most of us would like to see Marvel’s blue-&-red mascot featured in their shared universe series (the one that was cool at first but now everyone overpraised it and even Marvel pridefully slaps their own backs because of it).

Characters: Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is his same lovable yet emotional self,  while having his struggles. He is determined to find the truth about his parents, while debating on keeping his promise to (spoilers for the first ASM) George Stacy, Gwen’s cop father who died, and now seems to be haunting him. Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) wants a life with Peter while desiring to choose her future. Aunt May… she is trying her hardest to be a good mother to Peter, keep a secret from him, and manage everything… since, you know… Uncle Ben died,  As for new characters, Harry Osborn (Dean DeHaan) is a fascinating character. He is pretty much a pretty boy rich kid with problems… serious problems… relationship problems… and over the course of the movie… becomes rather… creepy. Heck, I even made a picture about this back in June, comparing his character to James Franko’s from the Rami trilogy.  Max Dillon, or Electro (Jamie Foxx) is a tragic… Villain? He basically is like Jim Carrey’s Riddler, but reminds me more of Richard Pryor’s character in Super-Man 3. This poor dude just wanted to celebrate his birthday and be noticed… and remember that disturbing science I complained about… yeah, electric humanity is a part of that dark factor.  Minor characters include The Rhino! (Paul Giamatti) Who (MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS….  ) is barley in the movie. Then there is Harry’s evil business ward, his assistance (named..  Felicia?… hmmmm) and a cute little boy who’s smart and likes Spider-Man.   Oh, and Stan Lee, can’t forget about him. Heck, his cameo actually made sense continuity wise.

The visuals and design:

A major improvement over the first movie (which tried to base itself off The Knolan Knight). New York City and everything else are much more colorful then last we saw it.  The Spidy-Suit..  oh gosh, it’s the REAL Spider-Man costume. The last movie featured an okay suit, but seemed to edgy and modern. Electro’s design is based more of the Ultimate look. Although I dislike when studios try to change designs because they seem too silly for live-action, Electro’s design works and fits well with this take on the Spidy lore. Plus, the blue lighting and electricity is so beautiful to work at. The same can go to the Robo… Rhino. It’s a mechanical suit, but it works well for this adaptation. For those who wish to see the actual comic costumes hit the big screen, hope and wait for Marvel to get the rights back… but just not for Civil War… that would be too early. The cool factor of this movie is what defines it from all the other Spidy films.


In conclusion, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not bad, but of course not the best. However, does it deserved the hate it gets? The film is crowded for sure, and sets up so many plot-points for future sequels and spin-offs. Does that make it deserving to be bashed?  After months of thinking about the movie, I came to a conclusion. The story is about Peter Parker struggling with being Spider-Man and a friend to everyone he loves. However, he can’t please everyone, and as a consequence for trying to be the same person at once, stumbles in loss.  Despite this, he picks himself up and proposes to keep New York a safe place for all of the citizens living there. He does what he does even if he gets trashed for it, although he also will be cheered for it as well. And this movie is exactly like the character, doing its best to save the day, yet is being burned by the haters.  The best to describe this film and the Spider-Man lore, well… “It’s on Again”, a song in the credits by Alicia Keys.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2, truly a work of art in 2014… and better than Winter Soldier (sorry… that film isn’t bad, but…  well… I’ll talk about that another time)


Columbia/Sony Pictures & Marvel Comics.

Oh, side-note, in the credits, there is a scene to promote a film called “Days of Future Past” (the scene itself in fact was directed by Marc Webb). It makes no sense being there, but it is fun to watch, especially if you missed that film in the theatres. 

Merry Christmas.... 

Anyway, not much to update, but there are things i'd like to share.

For one, I plan to do more Knights' Kingdom fan art, no surprise. Before the year (month) ends, I will draw and post a picture of King Mathias. One of the projects I hope to do for next year is a Knights' Kingdom gender-bend. Of course, names are well... difficult... i can only think of Vicki (Vladek), while Samantha.. should that go to Santis or Mathias? (Samanthias or Samantis?). Even Janeko seems weird... but the whole crew had weird names to begin with. Still, help would be nice if you can be creative. Also, if you do aid me, would you want me to credit you and whoever else if I choose the names you thought of?

Secondly, BIBLEMAN'S TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY IS NEXT YEAR! So expect to see a load of Bibleman content in 2015, even during the next Valentine's Month. 

Third, I am not egotistic or anything, but I a curious on which top-ten pieces I did this year were/are your favorites? Response here or submit a picture response....

Merry Christmas and Jesus Bless!


United States

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