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Back to the Future Remake by SonicClone
Back to the Future Remake
It's half-way through 2015 and I still have not done anything for Back to the Future... until now.. almost. Basically, this is a parody that pokes fun toward unnecessary reboots, remakes, and non-canon sequels. Marty McFly is played by Andrew Garfield while Doc Emmett Brown is portrayed by...  Nicolas Cage! And since this is a modern reboot, the timemachine is now a Lamborghini. Yeah, that;s Hollywood for ya. Speaking of which, i did my best to replicate the spark-obsession found within today's generic posters for action films.  Happy Back tot he Future day everyone! (July 3rd 1985) 
Lego Trio: Big Three of Lego by SonicClone
Lego Trio: Big Three of Lego

I had this question about a matter and asked a friend about it, leading to the conclusion that these three may possibly be the BIG 3 of the Lego line of characters, rather in-house or created by a third party.


Johnny Thunder (debuting in 1998 with the line Adventurers) represents the beginning and foundation of original characters from The Lego Company. Pretty much any kid from the 1990s and 2000s who has played with Lego can name at least one individual character from Lego who has his or her own personality and attribute. Thunder even is part of the big three of that fandom (the other two being a pizza delivery dude and a not-so-secret yet charming agent). Another fact is that these themes are connected to each other within one single universe timeline. These connections and crossovers confirm it, but there has been no official timeline chronology released. But hey, that’s the beauty of Lego, imagining how it all fits together. So, why should Johnny be included in this threesome? Well, beyond my knowledge, he became a breakout star for the company; appearing in a number of video games at the time, was used in other themes (like studios), and was and still is featured heavily at Legoland parks. Johnny was also in games on and appeared in the theatrical feature film… although sadly, only for minor cameo appearances. One may wonder why he never became the company;s mascot. But, the one made for the company is a good character to. 


Tahu: Toa of Fire (debuting in 2000/2001 when the highly-successful BIONICLE action figures were released). Although by then, Lego had a number of characters with their own adventurers, they never really had a story-themed driven line. Bionicle, being somewhat of a successor to technic lines like RoboRiders and Slizer/Throwbots (which had their own stories), was the theme that hit big with everyone. This success was due to multiple promotional media, including animated commercials and spots, games, and books to introduce and educate people on the lore of it. while in production, two movies were planned, one of them being theatrically released to conclude the line. Because the line did so well, the movies were expanded to three and only released on video & DVD. Soon after, more story-driven themes were released and even the story-drive impacted regular character themes (like the Johnny Thunder theme Orient Expedition, which was the biggest story out of all the Adventurers lines). Some of these story-themes fit into the timeline, others are questionable, and then there are some (like Bionicle) that exist in their separate realm.


Wyldstyle/Lucy (Debuting in the 2014 film, The Lego Movie, which is property of Warner Bros) She represents a resurgence in the toy’s popularity (even though unfortunately the film may have overshadowed all of Lego’s great characters and series’… if that wasn’t enough salt, it is irrritatign when everyone sings “Everything is Awesome” at anything lego related. Kind of racist is it?). Anyway, a number of new themes and film products have spawned new fandoms in the Lego fandom community, and each of them builds on one another. This come go from Lego’s in-house themes, the licensed themes, or anything like the movie that exists in its own universe.


Do you agree with this group? Is there someone else who should be here instead, or should it be a big four?  Write your thoughts in the comments. 

Art by :iconsonicclone:

Johnny & Tahu belong to :iconlegoplz: which also shared WyldStyle with :iconwarnerbrosplz: 

P.S. This should've been the start pack trio for Licensed Dimansio... I mean, "LEA-GOH Dimensions"!  

The Phantom Genderbend by SonicClone
The Phantom Genderbend
It has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I have done one of these.  To state the obvious, this is a gender-swap of the characters from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) (And note, this is a fan-trend thing. If you're born a girl or boy, stay that way because that's what you are and how it makes you special) 

Alright, so here are Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, and Darth Maul in the sky (with diamonds... on hi... her ears). Although since here they are girls...  and a boy, we should alter their names. Qui-Gon Jenn (okay, I know last names should not count, but I am just being lazy), Olive-Wan Kenobi, Patrick, and Anna. Messa guess Jar Jar & Maul can keap their names, but speak to me if you have you're own thoughts and ideas on the matter.

The artwork feels ins pried by pictures from amazing artist :iconrenny08:, mostly in the lighting and color.

Star Wars- Lucasfilm
Art by :iconsonicclone: I'll draw it because no one else will. 
Thanks for 345 watches =D I never thought i'd reach tat number...  even though it's not the highest, it's a great number still. 

With my "Lego As Human" week over, I have on question for you.... should I do it again? I actually enjoyed humanizing the Lego characters, and I have never been one to humanize non-organically human characters. So, is this an event I should dedicate a week to someday again, or do it on a regular basis? 

Also, I'll be doing a lot of art over the summer...  but, I also have a life... and projects I want to work on...  so, yeah... :(  Of course, there is also A LOT  of Bibleman this year, for the show's 20th anniversary.


United States

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