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Lego Star Wars: The Video Game by SonicClone
Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

Happy 10th Anniversary to the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite “Lego Star Wars: The Video Game” (2005). Before I begin reviewing, I just want to make it absolutely clear that this game is in fact NOT the first Lego video game ever created. That would be this one…. Is it the first liscened-game? Well, Creator: Harry Potter beat it to the title, but Star Wars is a superior franchise. So, who cares? (Suddenly the artist received a mountain of angry comments).

The video game started a series of lego video-games developed by TT Gaming, and was made to promote Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the final film the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (the other two being I: The Phantom Menace & II: Attack of the Clones). Although it was a product, the game’s concept was thought of in 2003 by the Interactive Entertainment, probably as a fun tribute to the Lego Star Wars toyline (Star Wars is possibly not just the most successful theme from Lego, but possibly also the best. It is weird of me to say that, considering that it’s a popular licensed theme, but I’ll put my Lego purism aside for now). Traveler’s Tales (apart of the TT gaming group) was chosen as the development team.

The whole game (which my family had for the Game-Cube when it comes to consoles) is amazing and wonderful. It has fun previsioning the scenes from the movie, doing so with excellent humor and a lack of dialogue (which wasn’t new to Lego games. Heck, the early days had a mix of talking and no-talking, and even titles that played both rules). The gameplay was fresh at the time, giving a unique gameplay-feel in the puzzles and central hub. But what I find most admirable is the atmosphere. These were the golden days of the TT-Lego video games. Now, they (and lego games overall) are nothing but a cash-grab on popular licensed materials old and NEW. Plus, they have over-complicated chore-like gameplay and annoying dialogue. (This speech of truth didn’t score points for the artist, because he was greeted by a mob-threat of furious feedback).

As for the GBA version, that has its own special feel to it. The GBA graphics gameplay and trumpted-music forge something unforgettable. I really have nothing else to monologue over, except that the sequel is also good (although it has a lighter atmosphere). Both games were released together as “The Complete Saga” (remember, no one at the time even suspected that a new trilogy was going to be made). 

Lucasfilm, LEGO, TT Gamign, and I guess 20th Century Fox.

Oh, and although it had an 
initial release date on March 29th, the actual date was April 5th, so my bad everyone. 

Disney of Future Past by SonicClone
Disney of Future Past
My second entry for :icondisney-club:'s 38th Art-Contest "Pardon Posters"… . This picture spoofs the main poster of last year's X-Men: Days of Future Past…  

If you can't decipher who is who, i'll give you the cast list.

Tarzan as Wolverien
Doctor Doppler as Professor X
Hans as Young Magneto 
Rapunzel as Mystique 
Baymax as The Sentinels
Dash Incredible/Parr as Quicksilver 
Mulan as Blink
and Grumpy the Dwarf as Bolivar Trask 

Disney and Marvel and Fox
LEGO Jack Skellington VHS by SonicClone
LEGO Jack Skellington VHS
One of two entries for :icondisney-club:'s 38th Art-Contest "Poster-Parody"…

This picture is a play on the VHS cover of the 2001 promotional video for the LEGO Jack Stone sets (… ), featuring characters from Tim Burton and Henry Selick's 1993 movie The Nigthmare Before Christmas. 

If you aren't familiar with the line and character. or just want to revisit an underrated nostalgia, here is the link to an English upload…;

Disney and co
and Lego- Can do, Will do. DONE!
Rascus by SonicClone

Here is another LEGO Knights’ Kingdom masterpiece to share with all of you loyal followers, which also is a picture included in the Green-Month. This fan-art/work is dedicated to the hilarious jester-like Knight of the Monkey himself, Rascus.

Rascus the Agile (also known as The Joker) is the green knight and the humorous fun spirit of the four knights. He came from the Providence of Banteras. I don’t know if he was a farmer or townsman or not, but he was originally planning on becoming an actor. However, he ended up deciding to become a noble Knight of Morcia in the King’s order. As the wisest of the Knights once thought, “There is something about Rascus that makes people smile”. Rascus also could possibly be a ladies’ knight. Well, something about it was on a card (Mike Rayhawk’s website, but it was blocked by another card).

When the King was captured and his capture was lied about to the people of Morcia, Rascus and the other three knights went on a search for his whereabouts. After discovering him in the dungeon, he and the others are ordered to travel a long-days’ journey to the legendary Citadel of Orland; where they’re locate the mythical Heart of the Shield of Ages. Rascus was a cheery playful fellow on the adventure, even pulling a mean prank on one of the others, but rescuing them all from a Shadow-Knight driven mechanical-thing afterwards. When the team eventually reaches the citadel and explores it, they are all faced with challenges. Rascus’ test was to climb up vines and branches to reach a lever and pull it. When the foursome obtained the Heart of the Shield, they returned home to defeat the traitorous villain in the Grand Tournament. Rascus and the others would later battle the dark forces again in Ankoria and become trainers for younger knights.

I’ll admit, I was into an “all-green” when Knights’ Kingdom II came out, so I picked Rascus as my favorite without thinking. However, when putting thought into it, he is very much like me, or I’m like him. He is like a comic-actor and is the funny one of the bunch; the roles I played in school theatre were predominantly the clown. Plus, his animal emblem is the most unusual of the pack (unless there are domestic monkeys in European Morcia). I have found memories of playing with both my 2004 and 2005 Rascus action-figures, as well as meeting an employee dressed as him at Legoland California. But as much as I like him individually, I do love all four of the Knights in an equal manner. They are such lovable and underrated characters in Lego lore.

I won’t say much about the artwork, but it was a challenge to make it look as good as possible. However, it did pay off. 
Also, if a film based off the line and books is ever made,  Johnny Depp would be a perfect voice-pick for Rascus. 

More :iconlegoplz: Knights' Kingdom fan-art can be seen in my new DeviantGroup, :iconland-of-morcia:. This also concludes the Green-Month. 

Celtic Lighthouse by SonicClone
Celtic Lighthouse
Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is an Irish lighthouse/church/barn drawing building... thing...    Christian...  GREEN!
You may already know that I operated the :iconbiblemanclub: & :iconjar-jar-binks-fans: (and use to fun :icondr-seuss-films:, but I left it). Now, I have a whole new group...  the :iconland-of-morcia:, dedciated to the fandom of LEGO Knights' Kingdom.


United States

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