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College returns tomorrow, and I would like to discuss some matters at this last minute.

I will be doing some more Thomas the Tank Engine pictures when I have time, but also drawings for other nostalgia. More Humongous Entertainment, and even Blue's Clues... which I have NOT done anything for sadly :( Well, except that one group pic. 

Even though I don't eat Cheerios, I do like that new commercial about a Cool-Dad. Sadly, once a TV Spot features a MAN and FATHER being portrayed in a  POSITIVE light, crybaby lefist (as Chappin Inferno said) feminist will scream and protest about how "ANTI-FEMALE" it is... sigh...  if that's not evidence of Feminism being a Female-Supremacy movement equal to Nazism, then... well, there is more than just that.
And if you cannot stand this political-incorrectness, SEA WORLD IS AWESOME, Black-Fish is a smear campaign by crazy environmentalist.

ALSO, GREEN IS THE BEST COLOR. :iconofcourseplz:   I am only speaking on my behalf and the behalf of everyone who thinks Green is the best color. So, don't call me mean or a dictator of anything. 

If you are feeling depressed, please find anything that can and will cheer you up. 

I want to address again about the Lego Movie 2. The first one's story sort of... ended, so there isn't really a need for a sequel. Unless it's a whole new cast, which could be the case (since Chris Pratt, aka Emmet is worried that it's possible, and even Chris McKay said something about another world. I don't remember which articles online they were). McKay also stated that he desires for women in the sequel than men, so the main protagonist, antagonist, and maybe a Vitruvius clone would all be female. McKay says that he wants to resurrect :iconlegoplz: icon and Adventurers hero Johnny Thunder for the sequel,  which I am like all  =D =D

I have to admit... though... I, I really wish I already have graduated college and was working at Warner, because I actually have a great story and ideas... ideas that I want to bricking shoot out of my head. However, they are not the only reason I wish I was in charge... if I were and it was possible without company debate and copyright issue... I would include Jar-Jar Binks as a supporting character.  Mostly because I would like to tell not just a story of Jar-Jar.. THE story of Jar-Jar, but also my own personal story through him and his role in the movie.

:iconjarjarbinksplz: ...  Sigh... well, hopefully getting that off messa's chest helped... sigh, and before you call me crazy, I am aware of how reality works. Anyway, I just hope Batman doesn't return... at all, especially since he'll be in a lot of other movies at the same time, which would be confusing and over-exposing (sorry Will Arnett)

P.S. A reason I frogot why I am hoping for a new cast is well... As a LEGO Fan, the movie gives me a nostalgia feeling, But also as a LEGO Fan, it is overrated. The cast of the movie just overshadow classic Lego characters too much.  

As for animation, why are there not really any PG-13 animated features being released in theaters? "How To Train Your Dragon 2" had that chance... but it was rated PG, and yet seemed much more mature than a modern PG film. That film was a great movie for the Fantasy-Genre (along with The Lord of the Rings). If that can't convince anyone that animation is A Medium and NOT a genre, I have no idea what can (except older movies like Titan A.E. & American Pop).

I won't be doing any Bibleman pictures for a while... maybe not until next year (his 20th Anniversary). Check some out in the :iconbiblemanclub: 

That's all I have to say, so... have a greet day! 

P.S. Please comment. And don't be mean..


United States

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