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Of all the souls, his was most human by SonicClone
Of all the souls, his was most human
Dedciated to Leonard Nimoy, better known to us as Spock. I whipped this up today in a short period of time.

Live well and prosper
Movie Night by SonicClone
Movie Night
I wanted to draw a group picture dedicated to the old nostalgic Lego themes, sets, and lines of the past; particularly pre-2005. The scenario here was inspired by events that took place around the same time this art was conceived. My really young nephew had to spend time over at our house and he and my mother and siblings would watch the same movie with him over and over, even late at night. (I'll give you a hint, it is a really popular and overrated surprise hit from two years ago. Plus, the songs it features get trapped in your head).  

The classic characters included are Johnny Thunder (Adventurers), Sheriff "Wild" Wyatt West/Skymore (Wild West, and also a story-mode in LEGO Chess) who are both laughing at a joke Johnny made. Radia (Alpha Team) & Jayko (Knights' Kingdom) are sleeping upon each other. The Green T-Rex (Dino Island and Studios) is bonding with Jack Stone (Jack Stone... his own theme) while NBA Player 8 (2003 Sports; Basketball) is doign tricks upon the T-Rex's back.

You probably can also spot various eastereggs and references. 

Characters - Lego
Art by :iconsoniccloen: I'll draw it because no one else will. 
The Gang of Lego Island by SonicClone
The Gang of Lego Island

Ah, good ol Lego Island, a CD/PC game in the late 90s that serves as the very FIRST Lego video game in existence. It had a good first-person gameplay mechanic, customization of anything around you, a rocking soundtrack, and great likeable characters.  Speaking of which, the five main characters (and possibly both the Informaniac and Brickster) all have attributes that make them unique; special to be precise. 



Let’s start off with Pepper Roni, the pizza deliver dude; the dude with the food! Pepper is a boy who is excellent when it comes to mathematics. I couldn’t find anything perfect to use here, or any reasonable source to answer why people thrive at math. Anyway, while our favorite PC  Skateboarding pizzateer is an expert at degrees, he has a major problem learning how to read. This is dyslexia, the difficulty to learn or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. However, this does not affect a person’s general intelligence. Dyslexia is a very common learning disability in children, primarily kids with good vision and understanding. Sadly, this condition has no cure, but it doesn’t prevent people who have it from succeeding. I looked up characteristics of dyslexia, but could not find any that seemed to match Pepper’s personality.


Now, let’s move on to his father; the lovable Papa Brickolini. Papa is an aging Italian chef who is an amazing chef, and incredible at dancing. Unfortunately, he can be forgetful of matters. Memory-Loss can be caused by multiple reasons, included but not limited to the lack of sleep, medication, stress and/or anxiety, underactive thyroid, and depression. Papa may have gone through several of these during his life. As his personality goes, he is never depressed. Alcohol is also a cause of memory loss, but the man in the chef’s hat doesn’t serve it at his Pizzeria…. Or does he? He also has a disability to sing.


With Papa’s wife, Mama (what sick parents would name their kids names like this!?), she is a sweet motherly soul who excels at piano. However, this lover of a hot pizza and a cool a-music has of poor-eyesight. Myopia is a condition where light goes in the eye but doesn’t focus directly on the retina. This causes a distant image to appear out of focus in front of the viewer (who has Myopia of course).  Causes for this can come from too much exposure to sunlight, or heredity. Correction of Myopia can be done via contact lenses or glasses.


Enter Nick Brick, a police officer who behaves like he’s the lead in an old noir film. He has really good memory, possibly eidetic memory. Eidetic memory is the ability to accurately recall images, sounds, and objects in great detail after only a few instants of exposure to them; and not even having to use mnemonics at all.  Oddly, this normally occurs in small children and is not really found in adults.  Unfortunately, if there is one thing Nicolas cannot not remember, it is the scent of something. Not because eidetic memory lacks that, but because Nick himself lacks it. Nick has no sense of smell, or Anosmia. Sometimes anosmia can be temporary, but traumatic anosmia may be permanent.  This issue is possible due to the inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which blocks the nasal passage and can destroy one temporal lobe. Other causes include colds or head injury, ruining the nerves. And before you ask, anosmia does not equal the lack of taste. After all, he will eat as much doughnuts as you click on, and I am seem he enjoys them.


With Nick’s sister Laura, she is a down-to-earth people person, and Pepper’s reading tutor. Her downfall is her incapability to count, or Dyscalculia.  This ability to learn arithmetic (elementary numbers) and mathematics may come from a specific-development-disorder. The condition can occur in people from across the whole IQ range but may not often have the time to learn; as well as anyone with ADHD.


Now, with the big five out of the way, what the brick is up with The Informaniac?! Could he have ADHD? Not possibly, since he carefully instructs you how to play the game without disruptive behavior or distractions to distract him. Of course, he does act hyperactive.  He may have had a dose of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD for those who have no idea what I am talking about), but that’s how everyone on the island appears to act. Bricks, the whole island could have been affected by an LSD-Nuke.  Anyway, he’s a tough cookie to crack.


Then what about the infamous Brickster? He could very well possibly be the biggest psychopath in all of Legodom. The personal disorder of psychopathy is characterized by antisocial behavior, and the lacking of remorse, empathy, and impulsive acts of disinhibition. This imprisoned criminal showcases his absence of sympathy by ridiculing any of the five characters you play as for their inabilities and disorders.  Also, (spoiler alert) if you remember the secret story that can be accessed via playing as Pepper, the Brickster shows how much of a sick-brick he is by taking apart the island, Brick-by-Brick! And what’s worse, is that his freedom to destroy wasn’t a near accident, it was all planned from his sinister plastic-brain. How could someone, especially as cute as a cute Lego mini-figure, be this wacko in the head? Possibly because his career as a bad-guy all started out of jealousy? According to bonus materiel in the Lego-Island PC Boxset, the Brickster & Informaniac were once friends; in fact it was Info-y who built him in the first place…. several zillion years ago. When the Informaniac wanted to build new friends to inhabit the island, this outraged the Brickster, causing him to go on a brick steeling rampage.



In conclusion, this game deserves more credit than it’s given for. For a PC interactive-game that was never completed, and with whatever amount of time the team had, they managed to accomplish and include so much material and substance in it. It’s not just the characters you know, but it’s amazing that they are characters that anyone with these characteristics can relate to. And the fact that they are Lego people is spectacular, since now a-days The Lego Group often censors anything related to their products (unless it’s generic matters, like love-triangles or character-death. But those are still shocking to see in Lego shows). To the entire fired Mindscape crew who worked on this incredible memorable game, I give my applause to you. For a silly first-person click-and-drag PC explorer game, this trip of nostalgia is in actuality, a work of fine Lego art! 

Game-Series owned by The Lego Company
Art by me/SonicClone, I'll draw it because no one else will. 

Octonauts by SonicClone

I have no idea how to start this off, so I’ll get to the point and tell you that The Octonauts is one of the greatest television-shows in the current age.  

It is educational about oceanic and marine biology while being fun, interesting, and adventurous. The stories are well-written, and do not speak down to the kids nor adults.  The main characters are all likable, as well as most of the creatures and inhabitants they encounter.  Really, the episodes are really addicting, and I was seventeen when I first watched. I’m twenty now, and still enjoy this series.

I have been meaning to draw this picture for a very long while, ever since 2012.  Featuring all the characters, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Professor Inkling, Shellington,  Dashi, Tweak,  and Tunip and the Vegimals.


Brown-Bag and Meomi.

Art by me. 

Rise of the Guardians by SonicClone
Rise of the Guardians

DreamWorks’ Rise of the Guardians is a wonderful masterpiece, possibly one that is praised non-stop but at the same time very underrated.  

You may have to watch it multiple times in order to understand it fully and appreciate it. The story has a great charm to it, being full of suspense but still holds wonder within its soul.  It also is an allegory of never growing up inside; to hold on to the wonders of childhood even if you mature in age.

As a Christian, one may think it’s shushing out truth. Actually, the film is an allegory on that. The Man in the Moon is like God, Pitch Black is in a sense Satan, The guardians (Santa Clause/Nicolas St. North, Toothian the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny/Bunnymund, and the Sandman) are either angels or older believers, Jack Frost is a young believer, and Jamie Bennett is a doubter. Unintentional parallels aside, the movie dives into deep themes of hope, wonder, dreams and all other magical matters. Also, a good way to sum up this feature would be with the bible verse of “becoming like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

The themes of wonder are accompanied by great developed characters, beautiful animation (it was the best DreamWorks had done at the time), and a score composed perfectly. Speaking of which, the song “Still Dream” flawlessly showcases the childhood of everyone who has ever grown up, and struggling to leave it all behind. If you want me to nit-pick, I do not remember if I built bridges in the air (I did air-draw a lot), but that’s not important.

This has to be one of DreamWorks’ greatest films, yet it didn’t receive the massive acclaim it deserved when it was released. Not only did it was a disappointment for the studio at the box-office, but critical reaction was mixed. Also, it was bugs me that it was SNUBBED by the Academy for their Oscar Ceremony the following year.  Despite that misfortune, this movie will probably be watched, cherished, and remembered by many generations of children & adults to come. 

For the artwork/drawing, I attempted to make a storybook cover. Sadly, it bares little resemblence to a book-cover illustration and more like a movie-poster. Still, it is lovely.  Each area of the picture showcases the world or wonder of each guardian or other character, 

DreamWorks Animation Studios Pictures

William Joyce, author of the book series “The Guardians of Childhood” and creative input on the film. 

February...  school begins again in a few weeks. Oh, and i'll be taking animation.

Anyway, my promised Knights' Kingdom gender-bend.... it will be delayed... for some time. However, I plan to make a Rascus picture for March. And yes, it'll be all GREEN! Speaking of LEGO Knights' Kingdom, I now have a perfect voice-casting idea if a film is ever made.

Freddie Highmore as Jayko
Liam Neeson as Danju 
Antonio Banderas as Santis
Johnny Depp as Rascus
Jude Law as Lord Vladek
and Ian McKellen as King Mathias 

Valentine;s Month has been reduced to Valentine's Week. One per each day of the seven days. Two will be two-in-ones.

Uh,, m...  Bibleman !



United States

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