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The Bibleman by SonicClone
The Bibleman
Another fan drawing art-work for the Christian evangelistic superhero played by Willie Aames. 
For the art, I had a photo taken of me, with a lightsaber in my had: for reference. I also used the cover for 1995's "Back to School".
I believe it turned out alright, even if the left arm's anatomy is slightly off.  
This will be the last Bibleman artwork I post until 2015. Also, Happy Thanksgiving fellow U.S. citizens. 
X-Men: Days of Future Past by SonicClone
X-Men: Days of Future Past

I recently watched “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, which is… sigh.. Sadly missed when it wa splaying theatres (please re-release FOX, Especially as this “Rogue-Cut”).  Anyway, the film… was… it was really really good. Bryan Singer has returned to the franchise after 2003’s “X2” and delivered probably the best movie in this particular superhero franchise… okay, I actually still prefer X2, but this movie is really great to.


The Story: Taking place after “X-Men: The Last Stand’ (which I’ll come out here and say that I have fun watching it), and the other Wolverine film, the future is in jeopardy as the robotic Sentinels rule over it and hunt down any mutant and freedom-fighting human on the face of the earth. A little issue is that the X-Trilogy cast lives in the future, making it the present, which is really confusing on when this takes place. But, that isn’t too important; after all, most of them are made to look old. Back to the plot, Kitty Pryde has found a way to send people’s minds backwards in time, which is how the fighting-group she’s in manages to avoid death. When the other X-Men meet them in China and ponder over the issue, Professor-X & Magneto enlist Wolverine to have his mind sent to prevent an event that led to the current disaster. In 1973, he must get young Professor Charles Xavier and Eric Lansherr to work together to stop Charles’ sister Raven/Mystique from killing a scientist named Bolivar Trask, who was working on the Sentinel Project. The story is engaging, being mind-blowing and enjoyable. Plus, the moral of the story is very encouraging, encouraging redemptive hope for people you care about, and to not believe in fate. Another reason why the story is wonderful is because of the great…

Characters:  Although it’s another story about “Wolverine”, that isn’t too bad. Plus, he isn’t really the primary focus.  Somehow, even being overused, he is still enjoyable to watch and follow. The story is more focused around these three individuals.  Somehow, Singer took the okay characters of “X-Men: First-Class” and made them much more than they were. First off, Charles Xavier is broken man who has lost everything, and uses an overdose of a drug to help him walk somehow, but also suppressing his mental powers.  Wolverine must help see the light and get back on his feet… uh, sit back in his wheel chair, however you see it. Eric (who was imprisoned for the JFK assimilation)  on the other hand, tries to see Charles’ point of view, but still has trouble healing from his own wounds. However, if there is a character who was really developed well here, it defiantly is the blue beauty Mystique. Because of the prejudice of people, and her friends being experimented on to death, she is revenge-bent on killing Trask, which is what would make her the cold emotionless being from the original trilogy… well, maybe that is an exaggeration, especially since (via shape-shifting) she had personality in “The Last Stand”. Charles and the others try to convince her to not be like Trask and to overcome her demons. This movie made me care for Mystique more than I have ever cared for her before, hence why she is a large focus on this picture. Good job Jennifer Lawrence. As for the villains, the Sentinels are robot-things, while their creator Bolivar Trask (played by excellent actor Peter Dinklage) is a very interesting person. Other characters are likeable as well. the future crew (like Bishop) may not have much interaction, but they are fun to watch and have really cool abilities. But, if there is one single character who absolute steels the show, it is none other than the impossibly too-fast to spot Quicksilver. Words cannot describe how fun he is, nor explain his outstanding scenes. This is the version I would like to use if I ever am chosen to make a general “Marvel” TV show. While on that subject, it’ll be best to move on to…

The Visuals and Designs: Okay, special-effects are in every live-action movie now a days. However, it’s not the effects themselves, but what the FX artist do with them. Each action scenes involving the materials are incredible to watch, and very genius and new. As for the designs, mostly the quote-on-quote “future” takes the cake, or whatever food is not enticed by then. The ruins, machinery, and locations of the dystopia are a wonder to behold, which is a strange way of saying it. And although it doesn’t fully work, Singer did his best to attempt to keep the 70s a timeless place. it may belong in this current era of superhero films, but Bryan managed to give the feeling of a early 2000s one.


“X-Men: Days of Future Past”…. This will sound like a lazy conclusion… it’s the best film of 2014 (tied with another one).  The story is both positive and written swell, the actors do a fantastic job delivering their characters, and the scenery and effects are done neatly and serve a purpose. Because the film did so good financial and critically, Fox should re-release this movie (wispers, PLEEEEEEEASE). I actually hope this is nominated for Best Picture.  I have to say, I am concerned for the… next movie though. Also, John Ottman (who composed the first two films) returns to score the beautiful theme from the masterpiece known as X2. Heck, this entire film even borrows a lot from that film (like a scene where Mystique sneaks into an office).

For the art, I did my best to capture what I felt was important about the film, and capture the film itself. It was difficult to both sketch-out, draw, and color. However, I managed to accomplish what I set out to do. I am thankful for my artist-gift.

20th Century Fox

Marvel Comics

Art by Noah Evans/:iconsonicclone:  

P.S. While I missed this film theatrically, I did however see the post-credits promotion of it at the end of ASM2...  although even now it still makes no sense. 

The Cabin-boy and the Cook by SonicClone
The Cabin-boy and the Cook
Treasure Planet is still my personal favorite Disney film, and no doubt is one of the best and most underrated. I felt like giving it more love. Sure some critics liked it, it even was nominated for a deserved Oscar. However, it still gets judged just for bombing and being a-part of the "dud" era of Disney. Rather the stories of each film were good or bad ones, I don't believe that factor effected their box-office. Because, how can audience know of a movie has a good or bad story if they didn't even bother to go see the movie in theaters!? Or even know about the film's existence!? This kind of logic really gets under my skin. Anyway, this picture of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver was something that I wanted to put my best in. I even used paint to give it an effect. Treasure Planet will always be in my heart, and is an inspiration for my own space adventure. 
The Quick: Knight of the Hawk by SonicClone
The Quick: Knight of the Hawk

Finally, I have made another illustration for the 2004 “LEGO Knights’ Kingdom II” sets. This time, I’ll be focusing on the hero of the journey, the protagonist of the story, the simple youth of the Knights…  Jayko the Blue.

Jayko is the youngest of the specific four knights in the land of Morcia, and has hopes of becoming a really great and legendary hero. Of course, his fast actions and lack of thinking often places him at risk. Instead of constantly ridiculing him, the three older knights have hope for him and encourage the lad. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t receive loving scolding from them. Well, at least from Danju.

Jayko’s hopes for adventure spring about when the King mysteriously vanishes from his throne. When the four heroes discover the missing King and a traitorous plot, they are instructed to find the mythical Heart of the Shield, a fable of olden folklore. And yes, I am listening to Celtic-music while writing this down. Jayko goes through many trials and mistakes (which are mostly found in the books, and the GBA video game), but learns from them along his quest. For some reason, after the knights pass their tests and are given the Heart of the Shield by the Guardian, Jayko is chosen as candidate to challenge the villain (Vladek) in the tournament for the crown. (Yeah, because sending the low-experienced Knight who also nearly got himself devoured is the more brilliant idea anyknigth can ever think of). With his carful thinking and skill, he defeats Vladek with the Heart’s glowing light. Jayko is declared a hero for his boldness, but he and the King agree that the crown won’t move on for a while.

After defeating Vladek and his Shadow-Knights for a second time, Jayko is then clowned the king of Morcia. Years later, he and two new knights rise to prevent a returning Vladek and his new allies, Morcian Rogue Knights, from conquering the kingdom. Once again… spoiler alert, they win and everyone is happy except the villains.

Jayko’s emblem is the Hawk, which if you know, is an extremely fast bird. If his speed isn’t represented by his animal, then maybe his color will speak for it.  Blue is often used to symbolize many matters, and speed is a very appropriate one to be matched with. Not to add religious themes into the franchise, but I do believe there might be some heavenly glow coming from the choice of color and species for Jayko.

For the art, it was done really quickly (although separate at times), and yet…   not to be void of humility, but I am happy with how this came out. It is really cool and wonderful, I believe this is my best Knights-Kingdom picture I have ever done to date. It has a vibe of 1990s while nearly looking like official artwork. But, maybe that’s too far of a stretch. 

:iconlegoplz: Group tm.
Art by :iconsonicclone: I'll draw it because no one else will. 

Five of ThatFellowInTheCoat by SonicClone
Five of ThatFellowInTheCoat
My tribute to five reviewers of whom  I have watched their videos, in which are all a part of the & Friends community.

Mr. Coat/Stefan Ellison, the founder of the site. He has really interesting opinions on multiple subjects... or in his case, EVERYTHING! DA- :iconmrcoat:

Jaimetud/James Sullivan, the creator and host of the really great show "From Pagers to Pictures", in which he compares adapted  films to their book counterparts. Or the other way around.

Hewy Lewis/Logan Ridenbaugh, another great reviewer. He focus' on animation of the past, present, and future; rather they be hand-drawn, stop-motion, or computer-generated.  DA- :iconhewylewis:

AniMat/Mat Brunet. I have already explained and done a lot of art for him and "Animation Lookback"...  hmmm.. maybe this should be the last time I draw :iconanimat505: for a while... just to not look creepy...  (sorry Mat...)

Morgan Ledger, whom I first saw in an episode of From-Pages-to-Pictures, he is the host of Vaulting, and ClassicWho-Only.  


United States

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