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Rock Raiders by SonicClone
Rock Raiders
Who remembers this amazing toyline and game? Rather you had the minifgures, the sets, or the video game (on PC or PlayStation) or reading the books, and spent many challenging mining adventures with The Chief, Docs, Axie, Jet, Bandit, and Sparks. Or being afraid of the Rock Monsters, or adoring the slimy slugs? Rock Raiders is an important and memorable series for every Lego fan growing up in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Star Wars by SonicClone
Star Wars
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm Limited lmt (with distribution by 20th Century Fox) 
Giraffe by SonicClone
Finally, artwork (from me, posted on this site) dedicated to one of my favorite animals of all time.
UNICE and LUCI by SonicClone
With me entering humanization with a certain week I did (well, two separate weeks, but of the same subject), I figu4red I give the same treatment to two important computer characters (well, the only computer characters) from The Bibleman Series, U.N.I.C.E (Universal Networking Intelligence Computing Entity) & L.U.C.I (Link to Underhanded Computer Influences), both voiced by Maylo Upton. 

With Unice, i tried to make her a very modest young woman working in a fancy tect-support. With Luci on the other hand, I made her a badgirl girl. 

So, for any Bibleman fans on here, did I interpret them well, or should I go back to the drawing bored? What could I've done different?

Bibleman - Pamplin to Tommy Nelson to B&H

More art can be seen here :iconbiblemanclub: 
With LEGO As Human: Week 2 coming to end, I would like to know- which of the eight pictures done for it was your favorite, what you liked about it, what could have been done to improve it, and also..  to be fair, which of them did you absolutely HATE! I mean, your least favorite? 

#1 Sky Lane LaH Sky Lane by SonicClone

#2 Junkbot LaM Junkbot by SonicClone 

#3 Blue Spaceman LaH Blue Spaceman by SonicClone

#4 Skylor LaH Skylor by SonicClone 

#5 Kopaka  LaH Kopaka by SonicClone

#6 Snake LaH Snake by SonicClone

#7-1 Princess Storm LaH Princess Storm by SonicClone 

#7-2/8  Hippie LaH Hippie by SonicClone

And again, would you like to see another week of this? Or should I do it regularly unless you think it is more special as a week one in a while? 


United States

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